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Yeezys – From Worst to Best

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I’ve always said the best Yeezys are the ones on your feet, followed by the ones in store, followed by fake yeezys, but if we try to by objective about this for a second, what are the worst and best Yeezys in existence right now? To start with some context, we need you to know how much of a visionary Kanye West is. When he got into the sneaker game he was laughed at. Although today it is common to see rappers getting sneaker deals, back then Yeezy was really going against the grain. We believe the reasoning for this is because it was assumed that someone like a basketball player must know a thing or two about sneakers, as they’re performing at the highest level in their field so surely they know what makes a sneaker good right? Well Yeezy persisted through it all and now has one of the most successful sneaker brands of all time. We wanted you to keep this in mind as you read through this list, as even though we may mock some designs, we still have a deep respect for Kanye and everything he’s done. However, lets kick things off with the Yeezy Crepe Sneaker.

The Yeezy Crepe sneaker was $450 on release, and honestly that’s our biggest problem with it. For a shoe so basic and so easy to mimic with fake yeezys, we just don’t see how the price tag is justified. Next up are the Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase. This shoe has to be on the list purely because of the lack in thought that went into the design, nothing about this sneaker screams “Yeezy”. It’s just too simple, and that’s about it.

Now let’s speak more positively, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Waverunner is one of the greatest sneakers of all time. You know how I was saying before about an overly simplistic design making for a bad pair of yeezys? Well these 700’s take it in the opposite direction. They are bold and stunning, and very counterculture. In a time where every designer is trying to keep a slick minimalistic design, these dad looking shoes hit you like a slap in the face. They were so successful that they spawned many waves of fake yeezys that tried to cash in on the profit of these badboys.
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