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Field Engineer is a platform used by many freelancers already, and one of the reasons for its popularity is the way in which payments and financial matters are handled. We all know that freelancers can really struggle when it comes to getting paid because invoices can slip through the net or get completely ignored. Field Engineer makes it possible to get paid quickly, easily and without any of the things freelancers often struggle with.

We’re going to look at how FieldEngineer works and why it’s good for freelancers like yourself. So read on now to find out everything you should know about getting paid on the platform before you start using it.

An Easy to Use Platform is an easy to use platform, so even if this is your first time using it, you won’t have any struggles. It’s all immediately apparent what you need to do and you will be prompted in all the relevant areas. It’s this ease of use that most freelancers are looking for these days. It’s understood that you don’t have the time or energy to be using software that makes your life harder rather than easier, so don’t settle for less than the best. FieldEngineer will make it possible for you to get paid on time, no questions asked.

Hook Up Your Bank Account

When you start using the platform, you will simply need to hook up your bank account before you can get paid. This is very easy to do, so there shouldn’t be any problems at all. Unlike other platforms you might have used as a freelancer in the past, you don’t need to jump through lots of hoops, so the process will never feel like a chore. That’s because it shouldn’t be a chore. Freelancers do more work when they spend less time worrying about getting paid on time.

Submit Hours Directly From the Interface

When your bank account is connected to your personal account on the FieldEngineer platform, you’ll be able to use the interface to submit the hours that you’ve completed, generating an invoice which will allow you to get paid swiftly and without any hassle or problems. It all happens directly from the interface itself, so you’ll never have to leave the platform or use it in combination with other platforms or software. It makes the whole process much more streamlined and easy to handle.

Get a Direct Deposit When You Withdraw Money

When you want to withdraw the money you’ve earned, it will be sent to you in the form of a direct deposit. This is what most freelancers want because it allows them to get the money that they’ve worked for swiftly and easily, and there’s no messing around. You can also do things like pay taxes and everything else a freelance worker might need to do on the platform, including, of course, finding work and earning a living each day. The whole setup is designed to make life easier for you as you work hard every week.

Choose the Payment Platform That Suits You

There are many ways to get paid if you want to use other methods as well. This is because putting the power in your hands is important. We believe that freelancers should have control over their work and the money that they’re earning, and that’s why FieldEngineer is as flexible as it can be, taking all needs into consideration. Both Paypal and Payoneer are payment platforms that we support if you would like to use them. It’s up to you to decide how you want your money to be processed.

The Payments Section Allows You to Track Payments

Many freelancers want the ability to track their payments and their invoices so they can see clearly where their money is coming from, what they’re still owed and how much they’re earning in a specific period of time. FieldEngineer makes all that possible because we understand how vital it is to freelancers like you. Tracking those payments can make you feel more in control of your financial life and that’s got to be a very positive thing for you going forward.

The Field Engineer platform has been built with the needs of freelancers in mind, and it’s this that makes it so suitable for your payment needs. Don’t accept late payments of invoice headaches any longer; instead, try out FieldEngineer and see how it works for you because it could change your approach to freelance work and getting paid for that work.


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