How to Kill Coronavirus in Education: Antibacterial vs. Viricidal Wipes

There are many opinions surrounding how to effectively kill coronavirus, especially in educational settings. Protecting school children from viruses such as COVID-19 is of the utmost importance, as they come into contact with many others throughout their school day. From teachers, other pupils, parents and grandparents; it’s natural that schools want to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

We can achieve this by learning more about cleaning techniques and doing our best to keep school children and students safe. That’s why we’ve put together this guide explaining how you can kill viruses in schools and educational environments, such as the classroom. Below, we’ll explain the difference between bacteria and a virus in simple terms.

This will allow you to understand exactly why antibacterial wipes do not work in killing viruses. Instead, they’re designed to kill bacteria. So, we need to use a different substance to kill viruses in schools: viricidal wipes. Read on to find out more about how to kill coronavirus throughout the education industry.

Can Antibacterial Wipes Kill Viruses in Schools?

As we become used to heightening our cleaning and sanitisation efforts in schools, we’re learning more about the different solutions we can use each day.

Sales of antibacterial wipes and hand sprays have surged drastically since the beginning of the virus. This has undoubtedly confirmed the idea that many people believe antibacterial wipes will kill actually viruses in schools. Despite popular belief, this is not the case.

Antibacterial wipes are developed to kill germs and bacteria – not viruses. Bacteria are tiny microorganisms that cannot be seen with the human eye, as they’re so small.

In schools, bacteria are almost impossible to eliminate without thorough cleaning efforts that involve using antibacterial substances in every nook and cranny; not just surfaces. Antibacterial wipes do work against bacteria, which is a bonus for cleaning faculties within schools… But we need to apply the most efficient ways to kill COVID-19 in the classroom, to keep our pupils and their families safe.

What is a Virus? How Can I Keep School Pupils Safe from COVID-19?

Viruses are infectious parasites that can only spread when they attach themselves to an organism. These organisms can be anything, from the cells within school children, to bacteria. Viruses are even smaller than bacteria, so they can actually infect bacteria. This is why antibacterial wipes won’t work against viruses in schools.

Viruses seem similar to bacteria, which has led to the incorrect belief that antibacterial wipes will remove viruses from classroom surfaces. Antibacterial wipes usually only work to combat bacteria, unless the manufacturer states otherwise. To clear viruses like COVID-19 away and keep pupils safe, you must make sure your cleaning teams are using an antiviral solution, or antiviral viricidal wipes.

Viricidal Wipes: What are they and how do they work in eliminating viruses?

So, viruses in schools are eliminated in a different way to bacteria

Viricidal wipes work in a different way to antibacterial wipes, as they’re made to be more potent with different chemicals. Viricidal wipes are often labelled as ‘disinfectants’ – these work to eliminate bacteria, mould and viruses. Disinfectant viricidal, or antiviral wipes, contain stronger chemicals. Combined, these chemicals eliminate viruses with just one wipe over a school classroom surface.

Where Can I Find Viricidal Wipes for Cleaning Schools and Classrooms?

Many sanitising wipes will state that they kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, which is a great statistic to see when you’re looking for reliable education cleaning supplies. However, we’re looking to kill 99.9% of coronavirus - or COVID-19.

Check the packaging and product descriptions of the viricidal wipes you’re buying to confirm that they’re suitable for classroom use. You want to check that the sanitising wipes you choose will work to kill the virus, not just bacteria. Specialist school suppliers with experience in cleaning materials can help you source wipes to fight against COVID-19.

Be careful when using antiviral or viricidal wipes on children’s skin, like hands and wrists. The stronger formulation of sanitising chemicals can lead to adverse skin reactions. This can cause skin to crack and develop a form of dermatitis. Combat this by asking parents or providing classrooms with heavy duty or specially formulated hand creams. They can use once the antiviral sanitisers have dried on their skin.

Get Rid of Coronavirus in the Classroom with Viricidal Wipes

So, we know antibacterial wipes can kill certain bacteria and germs that live on surfaces in the classroom. They’re a great way to help things feeling fresh, clean and sanitised in schools. Despite their effectiveness for this particular use, they don’t always do the job when it comes to killing viruses, such as COVID-19.

Instead, you should use viricidal wipes to clean the classroom. Rest assured that once you’ve sourced the right cleaning supplies, you can effectively begin to rid your school of coronavirus.

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