How To Choose The Best Face Mask During This Corona Virus Pandemic Period

All over the world, people are dying due to coronavirus pandemic. It is sad to lose an individual from such an epidemic, it is more heartbreaking to lose a loved one due to the health pandemic. The coronavirus is no joke, and we all should put in measures to protect ourselves, family, and friends. Upon writing of this article, more than 4.48 million people have tested positive for the coronavirus, while the current death toll stands at more than three hundred and four thousand. The USA is one of the countries which has been hit hardest with the coronavirus with a death toll of 88,144 and positive cases of 1.47 million.

The sad part is that the death toll will continue increasing in the coming days as there is no cure or vaccine on sight.Scientists claim for a vaccine to be available in the market, it will take 12-18 months, which means we should take more preventive measures to flatten the curve. Or else our healthcare system will crush. As we have no choice now, we have to choose the right protective measures as our medical professions instructed. Some of these protective measures include wearing a medical face mask.









In recent times we have seen several face masks in the market. Are they useful in the prevention against coronavirus pandemic? In this article, we shall focus our attention on the right features to look out for a while buying face mask for protection against coronavirus.

v   What is the fluid resistance?

When we talk about fluid resistance, we are talking about its ability to allow the passage of a small volume of fluids. In fluid resistance, a face mask will either allow the passed or out. Buying the best medical face mask to protect yourself from the coronavirus ensures that the cover does not allow the passage of fluids.

v   What is the resistance to the airflow?

It would be best if you always asked about the medical face mask resistance to airflow. Why is this important? It helps to determine the breathability of the face mask. You do not want a face mask which you are having difficulties in breathing. Always go for low airflow resistant medical face mask as they offer comfortable breathing.

v   What is the bacterial filtration rate?

The bacterial filtration test put into attention the number of bacteria larger than 3 microns can pass the mask. Ensure that that the medical face mask you purchase has high bacterial filtration percentage.

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