How Do I Distinguish Real Human brazilian Hair

How Do I Distinguish Real Human peruvian brazilian Hair From Synthetic Hair?

A human brazilian Hair extensions is produced by complex steps, including cleaning, coloring and styling. After all these steps, the hair fiber is different from the original hair. 

Synthetic extensions 

Synthetic hair extensions are very vibrant in colour, the individual hairs are much thicker than real hair. These can not be styled with any heat appliances, they will melt on contact. These extensions smell like plastic, feel like plastic. 

100% human hair extensions 

These hair extensions are very silky to the touch, the strands of hair are very fine. They don't come in many various colours, only few shades of blonde, black, red and dark brown. Most human hair length extentions stop between 18". These can be styled with any heat appliances and also be washed and conditioned.

You also could distinguish them by burn text. Human hair burns quickly, smells stink and balls up into ash, while synthetic peruvian brazilian Hair has chemical odor and melts into hard ball.

As someone said there are many counterfeit extensions being sold as real hair, so before purchasing take a couple of different packets of the hair, compare, feel and smell, before you purchase.

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