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Here’s a few of the armors you'll be able to craft for Troopers, Here are a few of the smuggler armors, Here are a few of the Bounty Hunters armors, and listed here are the Imperial Agent armors. Just like the robes from Synthweaving, every one of the new Armormech armors are adaptive at gamereasy, which suggests they can be worn by any class – however they do change appearance when sent to the opposite faction.

If you haven’t played in some time or are new, there’s an element called the Outfit Designer that lets you put a dressing up on over much of your armor… so although these armors aren’t moddable, it’s not much of a big deal. If you’re a returning player who’s coming back to the sport, you could remember that certain crafting and gathering skills was once better without a doubt classes and companions… which include was removed, and today all is equal in terms of crafting, but it is possible to raise your favourite companion’s crafting level by building influence with him or her instead. Armormech’s complementary skills are Underworld Trading and Scavenging.

The first crafting skill you'll be able to choose is Artifice. Artificers can craft many different things, plus the one they’re most well known for are color crystals that could change the colour of your lightsaber’s blade, or the colour of the bolts that can out of your blasters. Artificers are also the only crafters that will craft dyes – there’s over fourty craftable dyes, and many special ones from reputation. Just remember, should you be preferred or free to experience and don’t have artifact authorization, you won’t have the capacity to equip most of the craftable color crystals. Artificers also can craft lightsabers and double-bladed lightsabers, relics, shields generators and focuses. Artifice is a superb skill to decide on if you have a force-using character, or if you need dyes and crystals, either to use on your own, or even sell to other players for credits. Artifice’s complementary skills are Archaeology and Treasure Hunting.

With that said I hope you liked this guide along with some information from using it to help you create a more informed option for the serious crafter, stay tuned in for my next guide within the crew skills series that are responsible for just what all of these companion crew skills bonuses mean and affect in game!

Any comments or questions regarding this guide please leave them, I enjoy providing you with much more outside of the box thinking strategies that may help you excel in your crafting game.
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