Benefits of CNA to RN Programs

CNA to RN programs are designed for assistant nurses to join the RN program without having to undergo multiple repetitive courses. It takes about 2 to 4 years to complete an RN program. However, if you're a CNA, the duration of the course is reduced.  Below are some of the benefits of CNA to RN programs:
  1. A CNA has a great experience in that is essential to the RN program. If you have been working as CNA, this is a great opportunity to take up an RN program because it will take about 6 months to graduate.
  2. Being a CNA is very beneficial because you already have the basic nursing knowledge, which will be useful when you join the RN program.
  3. You might feel intimidated when joining college for the first time without any experience on the program you're taking. If you have experience working as a CNA, you will feel confident when joining the RN program because you know what to expect.
  4. The income of a CNA might not be enough for you. Joining at that will help you earn higher annual wages.
  5. Being an RN, you have good job security.
  6. When you decide to transition from CNA TO RN, your opportunities increase drastically. You can secure a job anywhere no matter your geographical location.
  7. When you transition from a CNA to RN, be ready to get increased patient responsibilities.

How do you find CNA to RN programs?

Are you wondering where you’ll get the CNA to RN programs? Many certified nurse assistants ask this question. There are many universities and approved colleges that offer CNA to RN programs. Community schools and technical schools might have the CNA program too.You can check our online programs to enrol for the CNA to RN program too.


Now that you've gone through the benefits of CNA to RN program, we will advise you not to become comfortable as a CNA while you can get a better career out of your experience. If you're an aspiring registered nurse and you're not 100% sure of what you want starting as a CNA and grow. By graduating as a certified nursing assistant, you will take lesser time to complete the RN course. It's not only going to take you a short time to become a registered nurse, but it will also cost you little money.
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