3 Tips for Beginners in Escape from Tarkov

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Why do you need EFT Hack and cheats?

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To overcome the obstacles in the fastest way: It means, you can save plenty of your time on the more exciting things rather than mundane ones.
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1. Play with your friends
Many people play Escape From Tarkov as solos, but if you want to get the best out of your gaming sessions, you should think of playing it with your friends or people you know. Escape from Tarkov shines when you have a friend or a squad to back you up.

When playing as a squad, communication is very important. The game still doesn't have the ping feature that lets players seamlessly communicate with each other, but that should not spoil your fun. The entire team should be in a voice chat, whether it is via Skype, Discord, or TeamSpeak.

You don't have to worry if none of your friends or people you know are playing Escape from Tarkov. is a great way to add EFT pros to your squad. Legionfarm lets you play Escape from Tarkov with a top 0.01% EFP players as your teammate and coach. These players are real players and not bots. They will share with you some expert tips and tactics that you should use to loot more and make it to exit the map. Escape from Tarkov stats is showing that new players that have undergone EFT coaching work their way up to becoming pro players faster than other players.

2. Use offline mode
The offline mode provides new players with a place to try out their weapons and learn how to aim at Scavs. This mode does not record anything. Players can shoot as many times as they want, and they won't lose anything when they go back to the main menu. Players can even die when playing in the offline mode, but everything will be back as it was before they went in. The offline mode also provides new EFT players with a place to learn more about Escape from Tarkov maps.

3. Play as a Scav
One of the best ways to save money when starting Escape from Tarkov is playing as a Scav. You can't always play as a Scav because there is a cooldown timer on them, but you are sure that you will be making out with a pure profit. There is no risk of losing your gear when playing as a Scav. It is the best option for new players that are afraid of losing their loot. Another reason for playing as a Scav when you are still a beginner is that the AI Scavs roaming on the map are less likely to attack you.

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