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Miércoles, 15 julio 2020 01:38

Can n95 Mask Be Washed and Reuse?

The use of a face mask has become a common rule to different countries nowadays because of Covid-19. People are required to wear a face mask when going out of the house especially if they are in public places. Coronavirus can be transmitted because of respiratory droplets from an infected person. And because some patients have no symptoms, you have to be alert and be aware of different ways to protect yourself such as hand washing and wearing a mask.

Is It Possible to Wash n95 Mask

People have to wear a mask everyday as a protection against covid.  While some people can wear simple masks made of cloth, others are required to wear n95 masks which are more expensive than the ordinary masks. Changing n95 masks can be a burden to your pocket so, for sure you would think if it is possible for you to wash and reuse it. Remember that you have to maintain the effectiveness of the mask knowing that you need full protection if you are always dealing with infected individuals or you need to go to work. Washing n95 mask is okay however, you have to avoid the following.

  1. Never use aerosol or alcohol when washing the mask.
  2. You should not also wash the mask with soapy water.

How to Clean N95 Mask

One of the common questions that people think of is, can n95 mask be washed? The answer is yes however, you have to follow the proper ways of washing the mask for it to be effective. Listed below are some of the methods that you can use for cleaning n95 mask. To get more detailed info on can n95 mask be washed, visit on hyperlinked site.

The virus is said to survive of not more than 72 hours. In this case, rotation method can be used for you to reuse the mask again. This is suitable to those who have four masks because the wearer can use the other mask while letting the other masks rest for 3 days.

Another way of disinfecting the mask is through boiling or steaming under 25C/260F degree. However, you should boil the mask for at least 3 minutes to keep its filtration efficiency. Submerge the mask but never stir it because it contains paper in its layers.

Making use of a laboratory oven can also disinfect the mask. It is not allowed that you use an ordinary oven that you have at home because this might infect the foods you prepare.


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