Hair coloring has been a point of attraction for many people, people love to change their look frequently. But the challenge many have with hair dye is the need to carry a particular dye for long before changing looks. The good news is this is different with temporary hair dye as you can change your hair color as frequently as you like.
While temporary hair dye is a great solution for lovers of different hair colors, it is essential to have a lot of information about different dyes, their use, pros, and cons. The general attraction for temporary hair dye is that the ability to switch colors at any moment.

How Temporary Hair Dye works
 If you love experimenting with different shades of color on your hair, you are in luck with temporary hair dye. This dye is applied to the hair shaft to give the hair a new and bright color. You don’t need to add a developer to temporary hair dye or premix them, they are temporary coating on the outer layer of the hair. Usually, temporary dye washes off or fade away within two weeks of application.
Does temporary hair dye cause damage to the hair?
It is natural for people to be concerned about the safety of their hair when using hair products, especially hair dye. It is important to note that different products have their benefits and drawbacks, in the case of hair dye, the type of products you use matters.
There are no proven damages caused by temporary dye to the hair. This dye is safe for use outside of the salon, so far the user switches hair color safely.
This is not to say that all temporary hair dyes are good for all types of hair. You must know your hair texture and type before you proceed with the use of a dye. For instance, some temporary hair dyes are great for ultra-light hair types, while some work well with natural or coarse hair.
Generally, temporary hair dye does not ruin your hair, so far you do due diligence in choosing the type of temporary hair dye for your hair.
Pros and Cons of Temporary Hair Dye
Using temporary hair dye for your hair has its advantages and disadvantages, they are listed below;
Pros of Temporary Dye
  • Applying temporary dye to your hair does not result in bleaching, rather, it only gives a natural color to the coat of your hair, giving you a natural look. This perhaps is the number pro of temporary dye for many users.
  • Temporary hair dye does not need pre-mixing or the addition of a developer. It is super easy to use as it can be applied to the hair straight from the applicator.
  • You can easily wash off temporary hair dye from your hair if you are unsatisfied with the color. This is sure one of its bright sides which permanent dye lacks. With shampoo wash, you can get rid of the temporary dye.
  • Temporary hair dye is also compatible with different hair textures and maintains overall hair health and quality. No one wants to spend money on a product that leaves their hair in a poor state.
Cons of Temporary Hair Dye

This dye fades off easily, hence, you need to apply it frequently to retain your desired color.

Temporary hair dye does not do well with grey hair if doesn’t penetrate fully to give a great result.

This dye is also not effective for black hair.

Temporary hair dye can damage the natural hair color and texture if excessively used over some time. You should avoid frequent application of this dye.

Regardless of the drawbacks of temporary dye, it’s a great choice for people who love to change their hair color often. If you love experimenting with hair color, you should consider this dye.
The catch is that you should select the best temporary hair dye as there are a lot of dyes in the market, including fake ones. Avoid buying random temporary hair dye, rather, research about the brand you want to purchase, read reviews and comments by old users.
Many people tend to focus on the color and type of temporary hair dye they want that they neglect its maintenance. No matter the color you chose, you need to maintain your temporary hair color to avoid hair damages. Before you apply a temporary hair dye, deep condition your hair at least three days before to keep your hair in a state to absorb dye without breakage or damage.
You must apply hair dye the right way, whether it is permanent or temporary. You should visit a salon for professional application but if you want to apply it yourself, ensure you know the correct ways.

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