Pubg lite Hack are awesome modifications in the code running on your PC or Android gaming device that changes the way the PUBG lite program or app works on your system in order to implement cheats, such as incredible wallhacks, aimbots, no recoil cheats, no spread, aim assist and so on.
The biggest upside about playing PUBG Lite Hack on PC instead of mobile is that you don’t have to worry about downloading another mod with every update the game receives. Once you have downloaded a working hack, aimbot or wallhack, it will usually last at least a few weeks. Also installing and running cheats for the PC version of PUBG Lite is a lot more straight forward and easy than on most mobile devices. All you need to do is to find a working download either for free or as a subscription, install it and run it. However, it still pays to try the hack on a secondary account first, especially with free files downloaded from the internet , to make sure your main account does not get banned. While aimbots and wallhacks on PC will usually have a lot more options and are a lot more powerful, the great downside of the Windows PC platform is that anti-cheating measures are extremely developed here and the risk to your game account is significantly higher than on other online gaming platforms, which makes it extremely risky to use free downloads as opposed to private hack solutions.

What About the WALL HACKS?

Pubg lite Wallhack can highlight not only players on your screen, making it trivial to find, flank or avoid them, but the can do the same thing with items, even displaying to you what kind of item there is in any house around you in a huge area. – This makes looting good items easy, you will usually be the first person around to find a rifle, armor, backpacks , giving you a huge advantage.

Wall hacks basically allow cheaters to see other players through walls, or add extra UI elements to reveal a players location. The most common versions show an outline of players, or their skeleton, to the hacker if they are in close proximity. This means that hackers don’t see the location of players on the other side of the map, but can use the information to their advantage to get a drop on unsuspecting players who think they are hidden. If a hacker is smart they can use a wall hack and still remain undetected, because it’s difficult to prove that they didn’t hear you or have some other legit information that lead to your death. 
Now while a wallhack will not automatically get you kills like an auto aiming system would, this is still the most fun and arguably the overall best hack to use in PUBG Lite. A good wallhack will allow you to see enemies, items, vehicles, air drops, explosives and other items through walls and other objects. This is usually done by highlighting the items, players and other objects using colored boxes. The greatest advantage of using a PUBG Lite Wallhack or ESP / VAC is the first moments after jumping out of the plane and landing. The ESP will allow you to see where players are landing, and be able to see and loot weapons first and get the advantage in the early minutes of the battle royale round. When using a good wallhack, you will have to try in order to die in the first minutes of the game, which is when most players are eliminated from the game. The greatest thing about using this kind of visual tool in order to cheat in PUBG Lite is that you still have to manually aim and shoot, retaining the fun and sense of achievement that are the best thing about online multiplayer shooters like Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Lite. Overall, the kind of cheat we recommend over all others, because it will augment your skill nicely and give you an advantage without making you super overpowered to the point of unfairness. To find working downloads

What Exactly is a PUBG Aimbot

The use of automated aiming software is without a doubt one of the most powerful cheats that can be used in Playerunknowns Battlegrounds at this time. It allows players to bind a key or mouse button to an auto aim and lock on function that will automatically target any ememy in line of sight.

Aimbots are a classic cheat in any shooter game and they’re probably the deadliest of the lot. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that they’re the most sought-after cheats by the PUBG development team. PUBG Aimbots are designed to automatically align your gun sights with the enemy without the player even putting in any aiming effort.

Some aim hacks will also add auto fire, so if the hack detects that it has an unobstructed shot at an opponent it will automatically fire. This is basically an auto win hack, if you even so much go close to someone running this hack you will likely die. Fortunately this will be incredibly obvious in your death replay most of the time, so you can hit that report button and send the cheater packing. 

Why Use a PUBG ESP?

Survival on PUBG is all about keeping track of your rival’s position and whereabouts, right? The PUBG ESP Hack is designed to enhance your ability to keep track of your enemies at all times, making them visible o you at any moment, essentially through walls, in hiding, or any obstructions that would normally block your view. Needless to say, this PUBG hack boosts performance for the player using it and it makes those without it super vulnerable. There is literally no hiding from a player with this hack, whether in daylight or at night!

Guide To PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds For Beginners!

Welcome to the guide and walkthrough for PlayerUnknown's Battllegrounds (the popular abbreviation is PUBG). In this publication you will find a complete guide, which aims to familiarize the player with the mechanics of the game and help in survival on the battlefield. We will provide you with information to explain the basics of the game, but advanced players will also find valuable tips here.

PlayerUnknowns's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a survival game from the Battle Royal category, which aims to survive and eliminate rivals. The creator of the game is the title PlayerUnknown, or Brendan Green, creator of DayZ: Battle Royale or H1Z1: King of the Kill.

The battle for survival in PlayerUnknown's Battllegrounds starts a hundred players. Participants of the game begin with nothing, so they must quickly search for weapons and equipment. At the beginning, the available area is open and huge, but soon begins to narrow down, forcing the other players to confront and final settlement - the last surviving player or team wins.

Tips for start

- Choosing where you land will matter. There will be less competitors on the outskirts of the island, but sooner or later you will have to move deeper into the map. However, by choosing the center of the map as a place to start the competition you have to reckon with the fact that at the start you will be exposed to attacks by the opponent.

- Look at yourself while you are parachuting. Before you land, look around and note the positions of the enemies that you have created - of course, if they appear on the horizon. It's good to know how many rivals landed at a short distance from you and where they did their best in the first place. This knowledge will make your experience much easier in the first moments of the game.

- When parachuting, try to land as close as possible to the entrance of the building. This will allow you to save time needed to run into the building and, as a consequence, will allow you to find weapons and equipment more quickly.

- If the first weapon found is a melee weapon or a short weapon - like a pistol or revolver - do not be picky! Especially at the beginning of the game and such a weapon can save your life. However, try to find better weapons in the next steps, because the opponents will not be wasting time at this time.

- Watch the mini map and map all the time - mainly to control the narrowing of the terrain. When exploring buildings, it is easy to forget and do not notice the moment when the safe area will decrease, and in a short time you will have to travel long distances.

- If you are far away from the safe area and the blue border begins to approach your side - look for the car. Running to a safe zone is useless, because the blue line is faster than you. Therefore, finding a car can help you get out of the terrain where you will receive damage.

- Perform activities that require entering the equipment menu or hidden maps. There is nothing worse than death while browsing the inventory. Therefore, if you want to heal yourself, change your weapon or check the map in detail, find a safe place where the opponent will not find you easily. Stand or lie down with your wall behind you so that you can be covered from most sides.

- Watch out for campers - especially when entering buildings or entering a safe area. Many players like to wake up inside homes or other buildings and just wait for someone to come in to shoot at an unsuspecting rival.

- Listen to the steps of the approaching players. Good headphones will help you assess the position and distance of the opponent from the place where you are currently arriving. Remember that another player can also hear you. Therefore, crouch or lie down and move in stealth mode so that the opponent does not detect your position.

Purpose of the Game and rules of the game

The goal of the game

There is only one game mode available in the game, the aim of which is to survive as long as possible on the battlefield. Despite being able to play alone, in pairs or in a team - the winner is the one who will defeat the other rivals and survive until the very end.

Starting the game - jump from the plane and landing

The match starts with a hundred players who, flying on an airplane - along the island - choose their own place to start the fight themselves. While still on the plane, each player decides at what point he wants to jump with a parachute. The choice of the starting point of the game is important, because depending on the presence of rivals, the beginning of the game will be either quieter and allow you to quietly explore the area, or from the very beginning you will have to fight for survival.

It should be remembered that each time after the start of the match you start completely without any weapons. You are only on your fists. Therefore, after landing on the ground, your first task will be to explore the terrain to find weapons and equipment that will help you survive in the first moments of the game.

Gameplay - safe zone, blue border, red zone

An important element of the game is the observation of the map and mini map in order to control the decrease of the safe zone. This one is marked with a white circle. During the match, this zone will decrease several times until the area is small enough that final decisions will be made.

A map where you can observe a safe zone (white circle), terrain narrowing (blue line) and red zone (red field).
After the area that defines the safe zone has narrowed, a blue boundary will appear that is moving towards a safe area. When you are in front of the blue border - you will receive damage. Life points will go down as long as you do not follow the blue border. That's why it's always worth keeping close to the safe zone.

When the blue border reaches the white border denoting a safe zone, you will have a moment before the safe zone narrows down again and a blue line will follow in the direction of the safe area.

Searching for games and servers; game modes

To start the game, you have to decide about the game mode. The basic mode is playing alone, but you can also play in a duet and in a four-person team. In addition, you can also choose the server and region that interests you. If you have friends, you can fight for survival with them. There are several possibilities, but first we will deal with the issue of servers.

Due to the best quality of the network game, it is best to choose the region: EU Server. If you live in Europe, servers from this region will provide you with the best ping, and thus - the best experience during the game.

Pressing the "Click to play" button ensures quick matchmaking and automatic selection of the server from a given region. By selecting the "Custom match" option you can choose the server that interests you from the list.

To choose a game mode, you can choose three variants. The game is solo (Solo), in a pair (Duo) and in a team (Squad). Although the rules of the game will not change - your goal is to survive - due to the presence of companions, the gameplay will change slightly.

First of all - whether it's in hand or in a team of four - you have to act in a team and support yourself. It is important not to separate, and one of the people has taken command. Each member of the team can place a marker on the map so that everyone knows where he is going.

Voice communication is also an important issue. When playing in a pair or in a team, it's a good idea to use headphones with a microphone - this will help you and other team members to issue and receive commands. What's more, you can report the lack of any item of equipment, such as the bandages you need to renew your hit points.

22 tips and tricks for beginners in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG: absolute basics - how to survive?
In order to deal well with PUBG one should pay attention to a lot of different details - that's why we decided to compile the list below. We will divide it into several categories to make browsing a bit more comfortable.

However, before we get to the hints, here are a few words about how the rivalry in Battlegrounds generally looks like - let there be an introduction for those who have not dealt with the game yet.

The most important rules

PUBG is not a typical shooter, and the sooner we realize it, the better. The goal here is not to kill as many enemies as possible, but simply to survive and the ability to improvise and adapt to different situations.

Currently, the most popular style of the game is the emphasis on stealing. Many players bet on slow, seemingly boring gameplay - it is waiting in a secure and safe place and waiting until the last minute to move to a safe area. Since the number of homicides does not affect the result (although it provides some more points for which we buy boxes), why risk and play aggressively?

Of course, an offensive style is possible if we only want to play this way - just then there is a greater chance of failure. Sometimes, however, you need an injection of adrenaline.

It should also be noted that the combat system requires a bit of getting used to it. This is something between Battlefield and the ARMA series. So it is not completely authentic, but the shooting model is not purely arcade. That is why it is not always worth to avoid the fight, because in the end you sometimes need to train - and the game does not offer a mode where you can just work out.

Defeating enemies during the match - not only at the end - is also a chance to get ammunition or additional weapons, sometimes better than the one we were able to find.

Each match usually takes place as follows:

You start on the plane, from which you can jump at any time. Landing in cities on the flight line of the machine usually results in a quick encounter of rivals, and landing away from the plane, on the edge of the map, is usually a relative calmness.
After landing, we mainly look for weapons, armor and a backpack. At the same time, we plan further moves - we observe a white circle, which on the map designates the game zone and we think how we get to the center.
As time passes, fewer and fewer players are left alive. Plans often change, all have to improvise a little. The game zone is getting smaller and smaller, so the one who is more attentive will also win, but also those who are more lucky.
Of course, this is just a general outline of the example round. There are many more details - you will find them below.
Tips for beginner PUBG players
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds may seem a bit overwhelming. Read the following tips, however, and the whole thing should seem a bit less complicated to you at once. We start with the most basic tricks and tips, then we'll get something for advanced.

For starters: basics and control

1. Remember that after hiding the weapon (by default, the X key on the PC) you run a little faster.

2. Take off your shoes! You can do it during the warm-up - thanks to this you will move more quietly, and it has no effect on health or speed.

3. To refuel the car, the vehicle must stand still. However, you can refuel the car while inside - just click the canister in the inventory.

4. Remember to use markers on the map when you play with the team to mark all the important places or positions of the enemies (right click on the map).

5. You can use voice chat for a team, but remember to set it as private. Otherwise, opponents may hear you.

6. Adjust the shooting mode - using the B key on the PC and d-pad on the Xbox One. As soon as you raise the weapon, decide if you want to shoot with bursts, continuous fire or individual missiles (of course, not every weapon is such a choice).

7. You can aim in three ways - from the hip, from an approximation over the shoulder (hold the right mouse button) and aiming in FPP mode (clicking the right mouse button). You can, of course, change the settings so that the holding itself changes the perspective on the FPP.

8. Large cities and clusters of buildings on the flight line of the aircraft are at the beginning dangerous, because jumpers in their direction most players. Such places, however, are often good equipment. If you want to land there, try to aim at the roofs from which you can go inside the building.

9. At the beginning the most important items to acquire are: backpack, helmet, bulletproof vest (the higher the level, the better), and - as for the weapon - assault rifle.

10. All building doors are implicitly closed. If they are open, it means that someone was in a given place. Remember to always close the door behind you, because you can confuse the enemy or set a trap.

11. In the game you get damage from falling, so be careful. However, you can safely jump more or less from the height of the first floor.

12. If someone starts to shoot at you, but you do not know from where - do not stop and (it's important) do not fall to the ground. Instead, start running towards the nearest building with a zigzag. During the race, you may be able to figure out where the shooter is. Even if you do not, you have a better chance of survival if you constantly change the direction of the sprint

13. Always search the entire building before you start collecting items. Look into every room, or at least to the nearest (in larger buildings). Stupidly surprise yourself while collecting ammunition from the floor.

14. During the cooperation game, ignore all enemies that you hurt so that they fell down - do not waste time knocking them down, because they can not get up and go back to the game. What's more, the wounded can be used as a lure for their allies.

15. Vehicles are great to cover long distances, but something for something - they are also loud, so they pay attention. Use them wisely.

16. If you stop the vehicle on a hill, park it sideways so that the car will not roll. Be careful not to hit obstacles at high speeds and do not drive too fast on uneven terrain.

17. Not all sights are suitable for every weapon. For example, you can mount the 8x telescope in any rifle except M16. Lunet can not be applied to machine guns at all. We will put on the climbers for some of the pistols.

18. The level of the helmet is very important. A Kar98 rifle shot in the head will kill the victim with complete health, even if the target is level 2, but level 3 helmet will withstand one hit. Take this into account when you aim at potential hiding victims.

19. Guns are useless virtually always beyond the very beginning of the round. That's why if it's been over a dozen minutes and you do not have a place in your backpack for valuable first-aid kits or other items, just throw the gun and ammunition into it to gain space.

20. Picking up the objects of defeated enemies, pay attention to the numbers next to the armor. Just because you raise the level 3 armor from the enemy does not mean that it will certainly be better than level 2 - it can be badly damaged.

21. Avoid bridges like fire. If someone starts on the bridge behind some obstacle, it's very easy for him to attack someone who is crossing the bridge - even in the vehicle. It is always better to choose a boat, or even to cross the river.

22. Keep moving without interruption. Do not stop even when picking up items - press the inventory button and fling the prey to your backpack, but at the same time keep moving from side to side. You'll be surprised how often it can save your life.

gameplay: survival strategies

Defensive strategy (avoiding confrontation)

Choosing the landing location determines your initial tactics. If you choose a more built-in place, then necessarily the beginning of the game will be more difficult, because you will be forced to fight with other players.

Deciding on more empty places, it will be easier for you to survive the first moments. Thus, being withdrawn, you can continue the defensive strategy, which consists in avoiding confrontation and waiting until the majority of rivals are eliminated. Choose lonely buildings for exploration where the presence of enemies will be smaller.

Reach the next zones avoiding buildings. Use the meadows, in particular the forests to cross the map, where you will encounter fewer players. Complementing this tactic (but not only this) is the use of ranged weapons. Sniper rifle with a close approximation will allow you to eliminate competitors from a safe distance.

Open or closed doors to buildings

Pay attention to whether the doors to the buildings are open or closed. If they are closed, it means that there is no one in the building (the most common situation) and you can plunder it, or one of the players waiting for you is waiting inside. Therefore, always be vigilant and assume that somebody may be inside the closed building.

Be alert when entering the building.
Going inside, lean out gently and check if someone is missing. If you know that there is an enemy inside, throw a grenade inside - this should do the trick. In case the door to the building is open, you can assume that the interior has been looted and no one inside. For this reason, it's worth to let the building explode, because you will not find anything interesting there.

Zone limits

Approaching the borders of the zones (blue, especially white - safe), watch out for rivals who will be in a safe place and from a distance will want to shoot you. Most often these players have reached the safe area long before you and hunt their victims near the borderline. Therefore, beware of crossing the boundaries - try to move them in hiding and use natural covers (buildings, trees, sheaves of hay, etc.).


Thanks to the vehicles you can quickly move and transport your team members. The car will also be useful when you are far away from the safe area. Remember this if you land in a more secluded place on the corner of the map. Also use vehicles if you want to travel across the bridge. Going on a hiking trip over the bridge is dangerous - there are many campers waiting for them.

When crossing the bridge, watch out for motorhomes.
When playing a duet, you can use buggy vehicles to charge enemies (one directs and the other carries fire from the seat at the back of the vehicle). In a more armored vehicle like Dacia or a UAZ off-road vehicle, you can try to reach other zones without leaving the car. It is important not to stop in the place, because then the opponent can fire you from a distance.

Dropping the chest with equipment

From time to time, at a random point in the map, a gearbox is dropped, which usually contains rare items and weapons. The dropping begins after the red smoke rising from the chest. Getting to such a chest and collecting items is risky. You are not the only one who sees the dump. The safest way is to drive to the box, get off quickly, capture the best prey and escape to a safer place.

Do not forget to reload your weapon

It may seem obvious, and even trivial, but equipping yourself with a new weapon, it must be reloaded. Also, each time you change a weapon to another, the magazine will be empty. Therefore, after selecting the weapon, you should immediately refill the cartridges in the magazine. Exploring buildings or terrain and collecting items, you can forget about this important fact, and when you hear an approaching enemy, it may be too late to complete the magazine.

Equipment: categories, capacity and levels of items

Inventory in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is extensive and consists of several types of items. Each item has an assigned capacity, and some of them are additionally classified by levels. All this makes it necessary to get acquainted in detail with the rules of managing the equipment.

Course categories:

Weapons - flammable, hand-to-hand combat, tossed.
Attachments for weapons - any additional equipment increasing the statistics of weapons (flasks, magazines, silencers, etc.).
Objects affecting the armor - provide additional protection against injury (vests and helmets).
Clothes - garments that do not change the character statistics, only serve to change the appearance.
Items affecting the capacity of equipment worn - make the character carry more items (backpack and tool belt).
Disposable items - healing (first aid kits, bandages) and increasing the speed of movement of the characters (energy drinks, painkillers). After use, they disappear from the backpack.

TPP / FPP view, shooting modes, looking around

Change of view: TPP / FPP

The default camera used by players is the view from behind the squares of the hero. It gives you more opportunities to observe the surroundings and navigate the game map and allows you to capture a wider perspective. It is worth taking advantage of the advantages of the TPP camera when exploring open spaces, running to the next place on the map and exchanging fire.

First-person view is useful especially during shootings and exploration in closed rooms. When you know that there is a fire exchange, the FPP camera can be helpful. The prospect of a first-person view will allow you to "get closer" to your opponent, which can be crucial in tight spaces, because you will quickly notice your rival.

What's more, thanks to the FPP view, it is easier to see objects lying on the ground. Therefore, when searching through homes and other buildings, it is worth switching to a first-person camera.

You can switch the view at any time by using the V key.

Looking around (free view)

Holding the Alt key you can look around the character you control. Thanks to this, you can get an even wider view of the view than looking only at the back of the hero. Although you can look around using a first-person camera, the best benefit comes from the third-person view.

The free view is especially useful when running to the next place on the map. Run, hold the Alt key and observe the area that is not only in front of you, but also behind your back. Thus, you will be able - without losing pace and time for constant rotation - to check if someone is following you.

You can also use the Alt key during parachute flight. Before landing you will be able to assess the situation and check the location of rivals nearby.


Swinging works just like other FPP games. By going to the cover you can lean to the left or right (using the Q and E keys). This skill is especially useful when using a first-person camera. Standing behind the cover, you can lean out and check if the opponent is not lurking around the corner.

Attitudes: standing, crouching, lying

Standing posture is the default position of movement. Squatting position (C key) and lying (Z key) is especially useful when we know or expect an opponent's presence and want to sneak in or hide from him. With the use of a sneaking key, crouching becomes less audible - your opponent is more difficult to hear your steps.

Movement: walking, sprinting, sneaking

Walking is the default way of moving. Holding the Shift key the character will start to run - this applies to all three postures. However, while holding down the Ctrl key, you enter the stealth mode - this is the crouching and standing attitude.

It is worth remembering that running, you will make noise, and your movements will be more audible by opponents. However, when entering sneaking mode, your steps will be harder to hear by your rivals.

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1. Play with your friends
Many people play Escape From Tarkov as solos, but if you want to get the best out of your gaming sessions, you should think of playing it with your friends or people you know. Escape from Tarkov shines when you have a friend or a squad to back you up.

When playing as a squad, communication is very important. The game still doesn't have the ping feature that lets players seamlessly communicate with each other, but that should not spoil your fun. The entire team should be in a voice chat, whether it is via Skype, Discord, or TeamSpeak.

You don't have to worry if none of your friends or people you know are playing Escape from Tarkov. is a great way to add EFT pros to your squad. Legionfarm lets you play Escape from Tarkov with a top 0.01% EFP players as your teammate and coach. These players are real players and not bots. They will share with you some expert tips and tactics that you should use to loot more and make it to exit the map. Escape from Tarkov stats is showing that new players that have undergone EFT coaching work their way up to becoming pro players faster than other players.

2. Use offline mode
The offline mode provides new players with a place to try out their weapons and learn how to aim at Scavs. This mode does not record anything. Players can shoot as many times as they want, and they won't lose anything when they go back to the main menu. Players can even die when playing in the offline mode, but everything will be back as it was before they went in. The offline mode also provides new EFT players with a place to learn more about Escape from Tarkov maps.

3. Play as a Scav
One of the best ways to save money when starting Escape from Tarkov is playing as a Scav. You can't always play as a Scav because there is a cooldown timer on them, but you are sure that you will be making out with a pure profit. There is no risk of losing your gear when playing as a Scav. It is the best option for new players that are afraid of losing their loot. Another reason for playing as a Scav when you are still a beginner is that the AI Scavs roaming on the map are less likely to attack you.